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Along with the detection of drusen, it is necessary to evaluate their condition, which depends on the tissue reaction. The change in drusen in the tissue can be divided into four groups: 1) lysis (expressed in the marginal or total dissolution of drusen); 2) calcification of drusen; 3) absorption of drusen by giant cells (Fig. 3); 4) transformation of druses into vitreous amorphous masses. Phagocytosis of drusen and lysis phenomena indicate an increase in the body's immune forces. WITHComparison of the tissue reaction and the state of the drusen is especially important in assessing the effectiveness of the applied methods of treatment when it comes to pathomorphosis A. 

With one of the most frequent localizations of actinomycosis in the region of the ileocecal angle, two forms are distinguished: the first, when grayish plaques from fungal colonies are visible on the mucous membrane, individual threads of which are performed by the intestinal glands, and the second (tissue), in which the main lesion is observed in the submucosa and muscle sheath where nodules form.


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The lack of a unified classification of Actinomycosis creates significant difficulties for its registration, accounting and study.

During the transition of the process to the abdominal wall, typical actinomycotic granulomas are formed. Liver damage is expressed in the development of one or more abscesses, consisting of a mass of cells separated by layers of connective tissue.

In the lungs, changes are represented by dense nodes, consisting of Ventolin tissue, compressing and destroying lung tissue. With brain damage around abscesses surrounded by a layer of vascularized connective tissue, there is a decrease in the number of nerve cells, edema, and an increase in microglia. When the bones are damaged, multiple cavities are formed, the walls of which consist of granulation tissue. On the periphery, sclerosis of the bone tissue is noted.

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The incubation period for actinomycosis varies from a few days to many years.

The proposed variants of classifications are applicable only for certain localizations of Actinomycosis or reflect certain features of this peculiar process. The clinical characteristic and A.'s assessment should be based on results of research of process from the points of view: 1) localization of process; 2) the period of Ventolin (initial, chronic, recovery); 3) forms (localized, widespread, disseminated); 4) stages of the disease.

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Thoracic actinomycosis accounts for 10-20% of other localizations of this disease. The most common is actinomycosis of the lungs. With the localization of the primary focus in the central parts of the lung, the onset of actinomycosis usually remains invisible. In the anamnesis, colds and respiratory diseases are noted. Later, dull pains in the chest join.

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Actinomycosis of the apex of the lung is accompanied by intermittent pain in the shoulder and shoulder blades. With subpleural localization, primary actinomycosis develops acutely, accompanied by a dry, painful cough, rapidly increasing pain, aggravated by breathing and movement. The chest on the side of the lesion lags behind when breathing, sometimes a pleural friction rub is determined.